Simple sumo bot program

It stays within the circle, but we can potentially program it to push objects outside of the circle or even compete with other robots. In this section, we will focus on staying within the circle, but if you would like to learn more about upgrading it, click here.

We are going to start with the setup code. Then since we will be needing the motors to move us around, we will need to set them up. Next we need to setup the sensors we are going to be using.

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We will use the bottom left and bottom right sensors to see the line, so we need to set them up. Now it is time to write the main section of the code. In the following example, we will evaluate the left sensor.

If it see the black line it reads LOW we will have it back away, and then turn away from the line. This time it should backup and turn left instead:. Programming the Sumo Bot August 2, In Code RobotsRokit Smart. By Carl Poblete. Check the bottom two IR sensor on the left and right sides: If the left one sees a line, backup and turn right. If the right one sees a line, backup and turn left. Otherwise go forward. DCMotorUse. Prev Next. Stay in the loop.

Get the latest updates and promotions. Your Information will be protected by our super robot guards.I am a robotics teacher and I like to make my students think.

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Sometimes they have to design by themselves a piece of the robot, sometimes is the size of an element that needs to be calculated, and sometimes, like this one, I tell them EXACTLY how to build a robot, but the code I give them, although it is good and will make the robot perform as expected, it can be improved to make your robot more competitive.

I forgot to tell you! Yes, these are competitive robots. They will fight on a ring, and the best of my students will win a price!

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To win a match, you need to be the last on the ring. That easy.

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Either you run away from your enemy till he gets of the ring, or you can push your enemy out. I wanted that my students build Sumobots and then make a competition between them, but to do that, I had to modify a bit the rules, so it was a fair play for every student:. All robots have to be strictly identical. Same chassis, same motors, same sensors, same controller, battery By doing this, I am managing the budget, and I simplify big time the rules.

It is 38 centimeters in diameter, and you have to paint a 8 cm black border. The only thing that can and should be different is the code of the robot. Use the shortest wires that you can find.

Put the battery before shoving the wires in the bot, because it will not fit after that. This is just an example of the code you can use. This code makes your robot mildly aggressive and not very fast.

You can program different behaviors. For example, the code that I put as example has this behavior you see on the first table image.In this article, I will share my sumo robot design and build secrets.

Firstly we are starting with sumo robot parts. Please click the bottom image for bigger visual, in that article I will go deeply at each section for sumo robots. Between watt, Volt motors are suitable.

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If you want to learn more about Maxon Motors just check out our information page Maxon motors for Sumo Robots. Smaller modules have high precision but also have less strength.

Big moduled gears have less precision but have more strength. While designing drive train always think simple. Less gear is better if you can build Less weight, less gear inertia, higher response. At Right, you can see one design for our gear bundle 6, — 0. I prefer smaller wheels, because of having low inertia.

You need to make custom made your wheels from hard rubber or polyurethane. And also wheel rims should be machined from aluminum. Look at our robot wheel selections. We have lots of different sized wheels for sumo robots. Robot body can be made from Lexan PVC, aluminum, carbon fiber or steel. I prefer using aluminum.

You can tap the aluminum quickly. Always try to choose high strength aluminum alloys for body material. Blades should be made from thin spring steel or HSS material. We are using both at our sumo robot projects. Spring steel gives little flexibility but not very durable.

You need to change often. On the other hand, HSS gives us extreme rigidness. But also that is little fragile too due to very hard impacts in matchs. While designing robot blade think it as changeable. If something happens or if your blade becomes obsolete you need to change quickly. For thin blades we attach with 3M brand or similar strong double sided tapes. And for other thick blades we are using M3 or M2.Start by building the Castor Bot.

Click the picture for building instructions. Before using your Sumo bot, you must calibrate the light sensor to the colors on the actual surface that you will be using with the sensor attached to the robot as it will be used.

This program can also be used to calibrate a light sensor on port 3 any time you need it for other robots.

It simply makes the robot go straight forward until the light sensor sees something dark on the surface might be the ring borderthen it backs up a little, turns right to head back into the ring, then repeats going straight and looking for the ring border again. This will make the robot wander blindly around the ring, pushing whatever is in front of it, and hopefully whatever it finds will get pushed outside before the robot accidentally drives outside the ring on its own.

Be sure to calibrate your light sensor before starting a series of runs, or whenever the lighting conditions or robot design changes. Step 1 of the light sensor calibration wants the sensor to be over the black border line.

How to Make a Good Sumo Robot

Step 2 of the light sensor calibration wants the sensor to be over the plain white surface. If you are battling head-to-head against another Sumo bot, then the robots should start facing sideways or back to back not straight at each otherso that the match doesn't just become a simple straight ahead pushing match. There are other markings inside the ring, and the border is partially interrupted by the "Start" area What do you think this will do to your robot's strategy?

Making your own ring will produce more consistent results and avoid damaging your test pad. If you want to make your own ring, I suggest:.

Arduino Sumo Robot

For a surface you could use a light colored hard floor, or a flat board-like surface that is light colored, painted white, or covered with white paper. For the borders, black electrical tape works well and comes off easily if you are on a floor. Although a traditional robot Sumo ring is round, making a round border with tape is difficult, so I would suggest an octagon like a Stop sign shape.

Don't make the ring too large or the robots will have trouble finding each other. Using the robot and program given here, and a small dummy robot such as that shown above, it should be easy for the NXT robot to push the dummy robot outside of the ring, because the dummy robot is much lighter and not powered.

However, if you try several runs starting in different positions, you may get a round where the dummy wins because your Sumo bot accidentally drove outside the ring on its own, perhaps due to contact with the dummy robot, or perhaps totally on its own. Can you figure out why and improve the robot or the program to try to prevent this?

simple sumo bot program

There are many ways to design a Sumo robot, and if you go head-to-head with another robot, then your success will also depend a lot on the design and strategy of the other robot. If you have a friend with an NXT set or two sets of your owntry some real head-to-head matches.

After seeing the results of a few runs, both sides should try improving their robots or programs. You can go on this way as long as you want in an "arms race" of increasingly better and smarter robots. Try adding other sensors and writing a new program that uses them.

For examples of how to use the other sensors, take a look at the Bumper Car and Ball Hunter projects. Programming a robot that uses multiple sensors at the same time gets much trickier, though.

Super Simple Sumo Bot

For an example of using two sensors at the same time, see the Explorer project. Warning: If both robots are using the ultrasonic sensor, they might occasionally interfere and confuse each other. Get nxt programs. All rights reserved. All project designs, images, and programs are protected by copyright. Please see the usage policy. Building :. Program :. Design your own dummy robots or other objects for your Sumo bot to try to push outside the ring.

Mini Sumo Bot Programming Before using your Sumo bot, you must calibrate the light sensor to the colors on the actual surface that you will be using with the sensor attached to the robot as it will be used.Pages: [1] 2.

I'm building a sumobot that with an IR proximity sensor and line tracing sensor. This is my the first program to test the proximity sensor. Code: [Select]. PaulS Guest. I am very new to this. Tried programming for arduino because of a project at school. Can you suggest me any alternate code for what I am trying to aim for?

I added a line tracer sensor, is my program correct? I'm still new to this, please bear with me. AWOL Guest. This is one of those times where it does compile, even though it's wrong. Isn't a fighting bot that is blind for up to five seconds going to be vulnerable?

Isn't re-reading the sensors once in a while a good idea? As the other guys indicated, use of delay is not very efficient. Do a search on "blink without delay" threads to see how to not lock up the cpu while you're waiting for something to occur. So if I remove delay, how can I rotate the bot clockwise then counter clockwise for 2 seconds each? Sorry for so many questions but I can't figure out blink without delay and how can I apply it with MY delay.

I forgot to say that this is a modified servo, the one where the locking mechanism is manually removed so that it can rotate continuously. Quote from: Gerbster on Jun 19,pm.It is a self-controlled robots with specific dimensions and features, it is also designed in a Hostile shapes which qualify it to participate in the contests and competitions with other robots.

Build a robot with a certain specifications and commensurate with the laws of that competition Sumothis robot must be in exact dimensions to fight and survive to not be cross out of ring any way. I will explain some important roles you should consider while building your own SUMO it also might help you Imagine and innovation your own Idea without going in deep details.

simple sumo bot program

Shape: the robot shape can be changeable after starting the race, but without the inseparable parts to maintain being one central Object. It is a small panel that provides constant voltage to the motors, as well as the support of the Arduino plate with good control of movement and voltage. The ultrasonic sensor is used to locate the opponent's robot and is usually placed at the top of the robot. As we have already mentioned, the contest ring designed in a certain size and it have two colors, filling is black and frame is white.

The contestant should not go out. Therefore, we use the IR sensor to make sure that the robot will not be out of the ring. This sensor has the ability to distinguish between the colors of the ring. It support the two motors DC Motor with the important voltage and it must be separated to give the full force for the wheels. And I take into consideration to be in specific measuring with competition laws, so try to think in a more creative designs and do your own model. In order to be more sensitive to the robot weight in submitted or then put the batteries in the front of the robot with the front shield at a 45 degree angle to the form of the robot.

Download the design 1 from here. Download the design 2 from here. As we mentioned before that the robot must have its own ability to control it self, so it gives us the ability to programmed it in more than one way, it depending on how you want the robot to play on the ring just as any opponent in real want to win the game.

Ranging CM ; Serial. Question 10 months ago. Reply 1 year ago. Question 1 year ago on Step 2. What should I do? Question 2 years ago. First I thank you for your contribution, but I have questions about the first line include "Ultrasonic.

simple sumo bot program

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All Rights Reserved googletag. Sometimes, someone says something that turns out to be an incorrect prediction. In hindsight, however, the people who said these things may have had good reasons for thinking they were right.

simple sumo bot program

Jump to: navigation, searchSometimes, someone says something that turns out to be an incorrect prediction. Lord Kelvin, allegedly speaking to the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1900. The veracity of this attribution is disputed, and no contemporaneous documentation of the statement is known.

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Watson, chairman of IBM, on seeing the first mainframe computer in 1943. There is no evidence that Watson ever said this.

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